Patrick Fransson 

Owner / Project Management

Patrick has been involved in the landscape business for the majority of his life. A local Aquidneck Islander, he has cultivated his affinity for the island’s natural landscape into a business that is built around it.


Serving a diverse clientele, he brings the same work ethic and passion to every project his business undertakes.


Patrick understands the busy lifestyle that many clients lead and he takes pride in his flexible availability for any concerns, questions, or onsite consultations that one may need.


No matter the size or scope, undergoing a landscape project is an exciting endeavor and Patrick looks to alleviate any client stress through constant reliability and commitment throughout the entire process.

Christopher Dunn

Landscape Design

As an architectural designer, Chris has worked on a variety of projects throughout New England ranging from Newport to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard.


A native Aquidneck Islander, Chris has always drawn inspiration from the coastal landscape and has developed a deep understanding of the seasonal change that New England offers.


Each site has unique characteristics and the design team looks to strengthen those distinctions through the utilization of often overlooked elements such as the path of the sun and prevailing breezes. Chris promotes client interaction during the design process and aims to create a very open and transparent dialogue throughout the project.


Understanding that each client has different goals, Chris enjoys the opportunity to create spaces within the landscape that not only meet those goals but enhance the way one inhabits the property throughout the seasons.