what we can provide

Landscape Design
Each site is unique and we enjoy working with clients to put their thoughts and ideas on paper, allowing the client to visualize their property before installation. From large master plans to small planting projects, we work with you from concept to installation in an effort to create a smooth and transparent process.

Important to your design and property’s overall image, softscape elements are the most versatile in achieving the look and feel that you want. Plant material, soils, and mulching are just a few ways to soften and enhance your property.


Tree Services
The importance of trees to the natural environment is crucial. From careful pruning, transplanting, removal, and emergency services; we aim to preserve the health of the tree and your property.


Design, layout, and execution of hardscapes ranging from walls, pathways, patios, to fire elements. Grounded with the earth, hardscaping can add a sense of weight and permanence to any site.


Landscape Maintenance
From grass cutting, trimming, weeding, pruning to basic property clean ups; Fransson Landscapes addresses all of your property’s needs and services them at the highest level. Treated and respected like an art, we aim to keep your property neat, safe, clean and attractive.

Snow Removal
Both commercial and residential, removing snow and ice elements is crucial to the upkeep of your property. Our fleet of vehicles and equipment are equipped to battle the harsh New England winters.